October Meeting Notes

We put on three new members tonight to bring our total to 400 paid members. Most ever.
The hot dogs and hamburgers were flowing tonight as Chef Doug brought his unique culinary skills of the fusion of meat and potato chips together in Iron Chef Hell's Kitchen Good Eats at Diners, Dives and Drive-ins.
Looks like we will be getting into the Skeet Business, too, along with Trap as we approved spending $500,000 for 50 year old skeet machines.
The Two Bobs of which only one was there, told us that the website can be improved, but there can only be TWO administrators. That leaves poor Kam, the progenitor of our current website, broken and bleeding at the side of the road. The website will be cheaper and with more pages of information that nobody will continue to read.
Keith gave a report on STSP and when everybody woke up, we adjourned.
If you see Sharon Sloat, give her a pat on the back. She has had shoulder replacement surgery. On a related note, Eric Sloat's bruises are healing now.
And that is your report for October.