January Meeting Notes

We will be trying to sell the skeet equipment we got and should break even on it. Reason, in checking where it would be set up, it turns out that we would be shooting at the neighbor's property, a power transformer and the 100 and 200 yard lines of the rifle range. Too many safety concerns.
When new siding is put on the trap building, the venting will be improved so the ceiling fan can work like it used to (used to be a full length vent on the roof).
A member sought permission to have a church group camp overnight and shoot. Since it did not interfere with anything, it was allowed. Dates will be posted. Members can still shoot, nothing is closed those two days.
A new members wife spoke about trying to have a benefit trap shoot for a school in Industry, IL. It was decided the woman would meet with Bob Emmert to try to schedule that.