September Meeting Minutes


21 September 2016

The September meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes: The minutes of August meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Kam, second by Joe M

All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report: The September Treasurer’s Report was presented with $18,219.04 in the operating

account and $12,440.15 in savings. Membership is 406 paid members. Motion to approve was by Eric, second by Bob Emmert. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.

New Members: David Greathouse, Cody Thurston, Julie Blevins, Kevin Brehezny, and Brandon Martin. Motion by Joe M, second by Joe V. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: Clay reported the .22 Rifle League begins 22 September. You will shoot five weeks and score the best four. Pizza party to follow.

Old Business: Tim reported that he had attempted to contact the contractor concerning additional work on the roof vents. The contractor has been unresponsive. As the roof vents are significantly improved over where they had been, Tim recommends closing the item. Item Closed

Tim reported that there has been no significant interest in the Third Sunday Trap Shoots and the program will terminate for lack of participation. Item Closed

Kam had no update on the furnace situation. Item Open

Joe had no update on the fiberglass panels on the rifle range. Item Open

A work day will need to be scheduled to repair the curtains in the pistol range. Item Open

Ryan has been in the hospital, so Tim researched new and used tractors with A. C. McCartney. Clay made a motion to give Tim and Bernie power to act to purchase a tractor. Second by Brandon. Upon further discussion, Clay withdrew his motion. Tim then put forth a motion that Tim and Bernie would evaluate the new and used tractors available and put a recommendation before the board members who would then give them authority to act on the purchase. Second by Clay. All ayes. Item Open

Joe Vandemark made a motion to offer memberships to nonmembers coming to the Linebaugh Seminar from out of town. Joe accepted an amendment in the form a second from Jim Bloom to attach specific criteria to the motion.

A. Letters are sent to specific individuals screened by Joe V and Clay.

B. Any memberships extended by the club must be approved at a club business meeting no later than April.

C. No applications for the Linebaugh attendees will be acted on after April. All ayes. Item Open

New Business: Wes Woolson requested that on 4 October 2016 from 0800 – 1600 he is allowed to conduct sniper qualification training for area law enforcement agencies at the outdoor range. Only the outdoor range will be used be the group. The training will be on a noninterference basis, so members will have access to the range while the training is being conducted. Members pointed out to Wes that in the past members were denied access to the range while qualification took place. Wes assured the members that this will not recur. Motion to approve by Wes, second by Kam. All ayes.

Bernie recommended that the Club consider eliminating the telephone in the pistol range. On a motion by Jim B the telephone line in the pistol range will be eliminated unless Jim Ritchey determines that the insurance company requires it. Second by Clay. All ayes.

Jim Bloom made a motion to increase the price of public shoots from $8.00 to $10.00 for nonmembers beginning 1 January 2017. Prices for members will remain unchanged. Pistol league will remain $1.00 per target for members and nonmembers, but nonmembers will pay an additional $1.00 per event for each event.

Second by Clay. After much discussion a vote was taken and the president determined that the motion passed. Ayes had it.

Comments and Announcements: Homer reminded members that as an NRA recruiter he could save them money on annual memberships.

Upcoming events include:

Tight Group League: Classes are Iron/Peep Sight, Low Power (Less than 9x) Scope, Medium Power (10x to 18x ) Scope and High Power (Greater than 19x) Scope in the following; 100 Yard .22LR, 100 Yard .17HMR/.22WMR, 100 Yard Centerfire and 300 Yard Centerfire. You may enter the same gun in both the 100 Yard and 300 Yard classes and scored separately. Starts 24 September.

25 September, .22 LR Extreme Buffalo Shoot.

2 October, Muzzleloader Buffalo Shoot.

9 October, Centerfire Extreme Buffalo Shoot.

16 October, Three-Gun Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Choonsan Kim and second by Larry Twitchel. All ayes.