November meeting


21 November 15



The November meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.


Minutes of October meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Clay, second Larry Twitchel. All Ayes


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report was presented   $10,093.97 in the operating account and $10,632.50 in savings.  Membership is 401 current members.  Motion to approve was by Kam, second by Joe M.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.


New Members: Tom Claudon and Catiner Lankford. Motion to approve by Clay, second by Joe M.  All Ayes


Officers’ Reports:  Clay reported that the heaters in the pistol range are ready for pistol league.


Ryan reported that the tractor has been winterized.


Old Business: Keith reported that the machines for the skeet range have been purchased and he has estimates for wiring for $400 and constructing the High/Low house for $6,620.  He has received donations from STSP for $1,500 and total donations of $3,950.  He stated that there is a good chance the project may receive a grant to reimburse a significant portion of the cost of the project.

Keith also gave the latest final budget for STSP to allow for the $1,500 donation for the trap machines and the tickets for the raffle.  The new bottom line will be $2,319.  The budget is attached for details.


Bob Hollingsworth gave an update on the website conversion.  It’s well on its way.


Bob Emmert continues to develop the schedule for the club and public shoots for next year.  He pointed out that the Linebaugh seminar will no longer be held.  The Ladies Day shoot will be the first weekend in June. He is also creating a flyer to be used for advertising shoots.  He reported that the attendance at shoots is declining.  The attendance figures are attached.


Clay reported that the tuck pointing of the pistol range was completed.


New Business:    

Tim suggested that a range cleanup be scheduled.  Bernie volunteered Joe Matthews take the lead on this project. Tim also pointed out that the flag pole was damaged by the wind storm. Bernie volunteered Joe Matthews take the lead on this as well.


Keith pointed out that the clubhouse is deteriorating.  It needs to be sided; the doors need replacing.  He has some estimates in the $2,000 to $2,500 range and suggested the club consider getting this done.


Jim Ritchie suggested the club donate $200 again this year for the Kiwanis toy share program.  Motion by Keith, second by Clay.  All ayes.


Comments:Tim informed the club that there has been shooting at the outdoor and trap ranges after dark.  This is a serious violation of the club rules.  Shooting is from sunrise to sunset.  Lights on the trap range are to be used only for club sanctioned events.  He also stated that a deer hunter reported that the tree he was in was hit by a bullet fired from the outdoor range.  The bullet could easily have struck the hunter.


Motion to adjourn by Joe M and second by Kam.  All ayes.