January 2016 Meeting Minutes


20 January 2016

The January meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes of November meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Joe V, second Clay. All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report: The December Treasurer’s Report was presented $7,814.85 in the operating account and $10,632.50 in savings. Membership is 404 current members. The January Treasurer’s Report was presented with $17,519.82 in the operating account and $10,632.50 in savings. There are 246 members currently paid from a total of 455 members. Motion to approve was by Joe M, second by Eric. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

New Members: Ryan Schardon, Coy Abernathy, Andy Eagan, Choonson Kim, and Danny Bartlett. Motion to approve by Eric, second by Clay.  All Ayes.  By separate motion Steve Shoopman and Ben Schweizer were approved.  Both were absent due to law enforcement duties.  Motion by Eric, second by Clay.  All ayes

Officers’ Reports: Clay gave an overview of the pistol league. Jim reminded members to ensure they indicate on the score card if they are shooting in the “golden” classification.

Old Business: Tim gave an update on the trap range project. When laying out the new trap range, Tim determined that there was not room on the club property to allow for safety zones. There was no configuration possible that would provide for a proper safety zone. Since the safety zones were not adequate the new machines have been put up for sale and the club will attempt to recoup the funds spent. Funds for the project have been returned to those who donated to the project

Bob Hollandsworth gave an update on the website conversion. The site looks good and is functional. There was discussion concerning payment of dues online. Bob will work with Jim Ritchey to determine the feasibility of online payment.

No updates available on re-siding the club house.

Bob Emmert is still seeking volunteers to run shoots. Without hosts shoots can’t be held.

The flag pole has not been repaired yet.

New Business: Sue Bartlett from Trinity Academy in Industry was seeking approval to hold a benefit trap shoot for the Academy. On a motion by Clay and second by Jerry she is to coordinate the date with Bob Emmert to ensure there is no conflict with other events. All ayes.

Jim Varner requested to use of the range on April 29th to have an overnight event for his church group. The range rules will apply with the exception of camping. They will be allowed to camp on the grounds. The group does not have exclusive nor priority use of the range, and it is open to all members. Motion by Clay, second by Sharon. All votes registered were Aye. Some members abstained from voting.

Comments: Tim informed the club that the new combination will go into effect immediately following the meeting. The new combination is on the membership card for the new year. The Shiver Shoot is this Sunday.

Motion to adjourn by Joe M and second by Kam. All ayes.