February Meeting Minutes


17 Feb 2016

The February meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes of January meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Joe V, second Joe M. All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report: The February Treasurer’s Report was presented with $18,304.44 in the operating account and $10,632.50 in savings. Membership is 322 paid members. Motion to approve was by Clay, second by Harold N. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.

New Members: Matthew Caruthers-Johnson, Ron Webb, John Cummings, Arnold Bangel, Doug Rowland, Lonnie Allaman, Craig Conrad, Russ Thornton, Steven Wacher, Stephen Wallace, Gabriel Kremer. Motion by Larry Twitchel, second by Joe M. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: Jim and Clay gave an update on the pistol league. It is apparent that some members haven’t been paying for their targets. The League is $62 short of what it should have. If you’ve forgotten to pay, please pay up. If you see someone who forgets to pay for their targets, give the shooter a gentle reminder. The targets will be moved behind the counter and shooters will have to pay before the targets are issued.

Jim provided a list of candidates slated for officer positions for next year. The list is attached. The floor will be open for other nominations as well at the March meeting.

Old Business: No updates in selling the surplus trap machines.

No updates available on re-siding the club house.

The flag pole has not been repaired yet.

New Business: It is the time of year for the treasurer to file reports with the IRS and Illinois Secretary of State.

The club received a request for a donation to after prom. No action taken.

Greg Hoener requested use of the range for Conflicts and Mysteries for April 29th. That date will not work. On a motion from Clay, the use will be approved pending coordinating a better date with Bob Emmert. Second by Harold. All ayes.

Kam will take the lead on checking out options for repairing or replacing the heater for the club house.

Comments: Dave Bourmet suggested the club establish a “Needs List” for materials and supplies. Bob Hollandsworth will explore the possibility of having a section on the website for this list.

Shotgun and Handgun Bowling will be held March 20th.

Motion to adjourn by Joe M and second by Kam. All ayes.