May 2016 club meeting minutes


15 June 2016

The June meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes: The minutes of May meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Joe M, second by Kam. All

Treasurer’s Report: The April Treasurer’s Report was presented with $21,100.02 in the operating account

and $11,176.50 in savings. Membership is 388 paid members. Motion to approve was by Harold N., second

by Kam. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.

New Members: Larry Knowles, Terry English, and Phil Easley. Motion by Eric, second by Joe M. All ayes.

Old Business: No updates on potential buyers for the surplus trap machines.

No updates on the roof vent were presented.

Kam had no update on whether the furnace can be cleaned and if it will need a new ignition system.

Range clean-up day has been scheduled for 0930 June 25th.

Dave Young is making progress on obtaining bowling pins for the Club.

Jim Ritchey has filed the annual reports with the IRS and State of Illinois.

The Linebaugh Seminar Reunion will be gathering on Memorial Day weekend at the range. Clay will host the

event. They will be performing penetration tests on cow bones and wet newspaper stacks and shooting steal,

as well as chronographing bullets. All are welcome.

New Business: Clay can no longer host the Youth Shoot Program that meets the second Saturday of each

month, except December. The Club will need to find a replacement if the program is to continue.

The mower is showing its age and needs to be repaired or replaced according to Ryan Settles. Joe Vandemark

will allow his mower to be used by Ryan until the problem is resolved.

Comments and Announcements: Upcoming scheduled events include:

June 19 th , Steel Plate Challenge.

Motion to adjourn by Joe M and second by Dave Bourmet. All ayes.