April 2016 Meeting Minutes


20 April 2016

The April meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes of February meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Joe M, second Kam. All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report: The April Treasurer’s Report was presented with $20,972.98 in the operating account and $11,176.50 in savings. Membership is 375 paid members. Motion to approve was by Sharon, second by Eric S. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.

New Members: Brad Severs, Anne Meyers, Dave Williams, Randy Friday, Ted Ludyk, Melvin Moore, Jim Morrison, and Jeremy Lamano. Motion by Eric, second by Larry Twitchel. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: None.

Old Business: There may be potential buyers for the surplus trap machines. Updates to follow.

The club house has been re-sided. New motion detector lighting will be installed. The new doors need to be painted and then hung. Sharon volunteered to paint the doors. The club will investigate the cost of installing a ridge vent.

The flag pole has been repaired.

Kam will find out if the furnace can be cleaned and if it will need a new ignition system.

A range clean up day needs to be scheduled to include clean up of the target storage building.

Bowling pins may be available @ $1 each. Motion to appropriate up to $300 for the purchase of bowling pins by Jim Ritchey. Second by Eric.

Annual reports need to be filed with the IRS and State of Illinois by the treasurer.

New Business: Although the Linebaugh Seminar will not be held this year, many participants from previous seminars will be gathering on Memorial Day weekend at the range. They will be guests of Clay and will use the range on a noninterference basis. Motion by Jim B, and second by Joe Matthews. All ayes.

The dumpster is frequently overflowing. It will be determined whether it is more economical to solve the problem by getting a larger dumpster or more frequent emptying. Meanwhile Jim Ritchey will find a way to secure the lid. Motion by Joe M, second by Kam. All ayes.

Shells are needed for trap league sales. The Club will buy 20 cases. Keith will need a check for $1520 to buy the shells. Motion by Tim, second by Jim B. All ayes.

Eric moved that the Club should allow up to $200 for the Ladies Day shoot on June 4th. Second by Sharon. All ayes.