June Meeting Minutes


15 June 2016

The June meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes: The minutes of May meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Joe M, second by Kam. All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report: The May Treasurer’s Report was presented with $20,931.48 in the operating account and $11,384.16 in savings. Membership is 395 paid members. Motion to approve was by Keith, second by Clay. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.

New Members: Terry Massey, Mark Turner and Peter McMeekan. Motion by Keith, second by Dave Miller. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: Keith gave an update concerning the STSP. The STSP has $4,471.20 as cash balance, and 30 participants. He distributed the attached financial report.

Tim reminded the Club’s attention that club assets, such as steel targets and the Polaris were to be used for Club sponsored events only. It is not the prerogative of members to use Club assets for non-club sponsored activities.

Old Business: No updates on potential buyers for the surplus trap machines.

Tim presented a bid from McElroy that would install a ridge vent for $750 or roof vents for $350. After much discussion Keith made a motion to install roof vents, second by Dave Bourmet. All ayes

Kam had no update on whether the furnace can be cleaned and if it will need a new ignition system.

Dave Young will purchase the bowling pins for the Club for $200 as previously approved. John Ebert has more pins available.

Clay will take the lead on the Youth Shoot Program with support from Dave Miller, Joe Matthews and Jim Bloom.

Ryan presented spec sheets from A. C. McCartney (ACM) with prices for a Kubota zero turn mower ($ 8499) with a 60” cut, a 2015 Kubota Diesel ($12,225) with a 60” cut, and 2016 Kubota Diesel ($13,965) with 60” cut.. The bid sheet is attached. There were many questions and the issue was tabled for future action pending more information on whether a used mower or repairing the current mower would be more fiscally prudent.

New Business: Dave Gannon will be stepping down as an instructor for the STSP. Keith requested the board approve funding $350 for expenses for a new instructor for the STSP. Motion by Keith, second by Clay. All ayes except for one nay.

Tim mentioned that Ted Pawlias offered to run one trap shoot on Sundays each month. Motion by Jim B that the Club offer monthly trap shoots each month with a rate of $4 for club members and $5 for nonmembers. Second by Clay. All ayes. The dates will be coordinated with Bob Emmert.

On a motion from Jim B, the Linebaugh Reunion Memorial DayWeekend shoot will be a club sponsored activity in the future. There will be a daily rate for the shoot with a non-member rate 25% higher than the member rate. Second by Joe M. All ayes.

Clay informed the Club that the curtains in the pistol range are in need of repair. Bullet fragments are flying back to the firing line. Curtain material is on hand, but the epoxy will need to be purchased.

Comments and Announcements: Upcoming scheduled events include:

June 19th, Steel Plate Challenge;

June 25th range clean-up day has been scheduled for 0930;

June 26th Handgun Rifle Combination Shoot;

July 9th Youth Shoot;

July 10th STSP Competition and Handgun Shotgun Buffalo Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Joe M and second by Dave Bourmet. All ayes.