October 2017 Minutes




18 October 2017


The October meeting convened at 1958 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes: The minutes of the September meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Keith and second by Larry Twitchel.  All ayes. 

Treasurer’s Report: The October Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Membership was 424 paid members.  Motion to approve was by Joe M., and second by Bob E.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

New Members: None.

Officers’ Reports: Keith provided the summary of 2017 activities of the STSP.  A number of students earned recognition.  The STSP 2017 financial report is attached.

Bob Emmert is ordering targets for pistol league.

 Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item Open.

Drafts of revised Club by-laws have been posted on the Club website and draft copies are in the pistol range. Voting will take place at the AGM in March.  Item Open.

The Club needs to remove lead from the pistol range when we have a work day and complete work on range curtains.  Clay has found an item that might save the club some money on range curtains. Item Open.

Kam purchased new types of target holders for the outdoor range and will be evaluated soon. Item Open.

No update on CMP sanctioned .22LR event or on new revolver competition. Item Open.

The front gate post is being replaced and should be completed shortly. Item Open.

New Business:  Keith presented the STSP 2018 budget to the Club.  There are various fund raising projects planned to include adding more prizes in the raffle and expanding raffle tickets to 250.    Motion by Keith.  Second by Jim B.  All ayes. Item Closed.

Bob Emmert suggested that the Club purchase new steel targets to include a dueling tree.  These targets will be used for a new shoot.  Motion by Bob Emmert to allocate up to $1,200 to purchase these targets.  Second by Bob H.  All ayes.  Item open.

Tim reminded the club that the furnace in the club house needs to be replaced.  Some discussion followed and Keith offered to take the lead and investigate economic and efficient solutions to the problem.  Item Open.

 Comments and Announcements:  Upcoming shoots include:

21 Oct, Final Tight Group Shoot;

22 Oct, Three Gun Shoot;

5 Nov, Military Rifle Shoot

11 Nov, Indoor Combat Shoot

Motion to Adjourn by Homer S. Second by Dan Gannon