January Meeting Minutes


18 January 2017


The January meeting convened at 2002 by Tim Tomlinson


Minutes: The minutes of November meeting were read, and amended. Motion to approve as amended by Joe M, second by Clay. All ayes.


Treasurer’s Report: The December Treasurer’s Report was presented with $20.351.93 in the operating account and $13,070.48 in savings. The January Treasurer’s Report had $26.533.35 in the operating account and $13,070.48 in savings. January membership was 424 members. Motion to approve was by Keith H, second by Harold N. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.


New Members: Jim Percy (Macomb), Jim Percy (Quincy), Thomas Wright, Thomas Rogers, Michael Jungles, Timothy Roberts, Bill Mesick, Brian Stadtler, Mike Kelly, Timothy Weavers, Paul Pierce, Ben Bedard, Lawrence Andrew, Darrin Morris, and Robert Thomas. Motion by Joe M, Second Dave Miller. All ayes.


Officers’ Reports: Keith explained that three coaches have been brought on for the STSP and thanked Dan Gannon for his ten years of support. Keith also expressed his appreciation for those who installed the new lighting.


Clay reported that the Youth Shoot League will be held at the Indoor Pistol Range on the second Saturday of each month except December. Hours will be 1 – 4 pm. Exact dates will be on the website.


Old Business: Kam provided an update on the furnace. The repairman said parts are no longer available for the present furnace. Duffey Ducts provided a bid on installing a new furnace in the Club meeting room. The cost of the new furnace would be $1,429. No action taken.


Clay advised that the heaters in the pistol range have been repaired in time for Pistol League.


Materials have been purchased to repair the roof on the outdoor range. Work will start when the weather improves. Item Open


Another work day will need to be scheduled to complete repairs on the curtains in the pistol range. Item Open


New Business: Jim Bloom and Bob Emmert were appointed to the nominations committee for the upcoming year’s officer slate.


Dave Miller was appointed to purchase the pistols for the raffle. Motion by Jim B to appropriate up to $1,500 to purchase up to three (3) pistols for the raffle. Second by Joe Matthews.


Trinity School requested to hold a benefit trap shoot at the Club again this year. They will work with Bob Emmert to set a date. Motion by to approve by Kam, second by Dan Gannon.


Motion by Jim B to reimburse Clay $37 for mileage and $48 for parts for the urinal in the pistol range. Second by Joe M.


Clay suggested that the Club be represented Macomb Outdoor Show/Expo in an attempt to bring more shooters to the Club events. Anyone interested in assisting should contact Clay. Motion by Clay, second by Patti B. All ayes.



Tim T suggested that the Club hold a benefit trap shoot for the two-year old daughter of EricWheatly, CPO, who is battling cancer. Date to be determined. Motion by Tim, second by Kam. All ayes



Comments and Announcements: Upcoming events include:






Shiver Shoot January 22nd;

Indoor Pistol League begins January 19th.



Motion to adjourn by Joe Vandermak and second by Dave Miller. All ayes.