November Meeting Minutes

Hancock County Gun Club Minutes



Meeting called to order at 8:02 PM


Minutes of last meeting read: Motion to approve by Joe Matthews, 2nd by Clay Hinderliter, All Ayes.


Treasurer's Report: $20,006.73 in general fund, $1,049.37 in Savings. 420 members. Motion to approve by Homer Sherill, 2nd by Sharon Sloat. All Ayes.


New Members. Daniel Chenowith, Carthage, Ronald Ward, Macomb. Motion to approve by Eric Sloat, 2nd by Joe Matthews. All Ayes.


Officers Reports:

Tim Tomlinson as Keith Hartweg reports on STSP. All is well. Next Spring is 11th Year, but they need coaches. Motion to approve Budget by Clay Hinderliter, 2nd by Eric Sloat. All Ayes.


Old Business:

Bernie McPherson reports that there was a snag on the rifle range lean-to roof. The panels are no longer made that will fit to replace the ones we have now. Advised to go with the 36" panels instead.


Work Day for the indoor range has not been set up yet. It is now. December 10th at 9:30 AM. We will need to to 4 6 to 8 foot step ladders and maybe some young people (Under 30) to help the old guys. Primary thing will be swapping the range dust curtains end-for-end. Heavy and needs strong people.


New Business:

Robert Emmert and Bob Hollandsworth seeking $10.00 per year for private e-mail list where we can send out announcements without spam interference. Motion by Bob Emmert, Second by Eric Sloat. All Ayes.


Clay Hinderliter moves to repair the heaters in the pistol range. They didn't work again. Will use Peters Heating. Second by Joe Matthews. All Ayes


Kam Miller brings up the possibilities of two new shoots and one old one. 1st, a Military Rifle Post 1958 shoot, same targets as the Pre-1958 shoot. This would bring in AR shooters. 2nd. Cap and Ball Revolver Shoot using targets similar to National Muzzleloading Rifle Asso targets, 30 shots. Revived shoot. Rotten Egg shoot, which many did not know about (they didn't know about Jewish Lightning, either). Rotten Egg Shoot explained and might be added to the schedule in 2017.


Announcements: Indoor Pistol League, January 19. Shiver Shoot set for Jan 22. 2017. Remember, it's dues time.

Motion to adjourn by Joe Matthews, 2nd by Bob Emmert. Everybody left before voting.