October Meeting Minutes


19 October 2016

The October meeting convened at 2000 by Jim Bloom.

Minutes: The minutes of September meeting were read, with motion to approve was by Bob Emmert, second by Dave Miller All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report: The October Treasurer’s Report was presented with $18,968.04 in the operating account and $12,937.15 in savings. Membership is 414 paid members. Motion to approve was by Keith H, second by Harold N. All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.

New Members: Dan Klowsing, Chad Schaller, Marty Steen, Russell Willey, Jacob Blankenberger. Motion by Joe M, second by Joe V. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: Keith presented an overview of the STSP to the membership and informed the Club that the STSP finances were in the black again. Detailed financial report is attached.

Old Business: Kam had no update on the furnace situation. Item Open

Work may start on the rifle range roof panels next week. Item Open

A work day will need to be scheduled to repair the curtains in the pistol range. Item Open

Bernie gave an update on the purchase of a new tractor. His committee recommends the purchase of a Kubota 47 hp tractor. However since the tractor is not needed until the spring, he recommended deferring action until then. By consensus of the membership the item will be tabled until the Annual General Meeting in March.Item Tabled until AGM

Joe Vandemark made a motion to offer memberships to nonmembers coming to the Linebaugh Seminar from out of town. Joe accepted an amendment in the form a second from Jim Bloom to attach specific criteria to the motion.

  1. Letters are sent to specific individuals screened by Joe V and Clay.

  2. Any memberships extended by the club must be approved at a club business meeting no later than April.

  3. No applications for the Linebaugh attendees will be acted on after April. All ayes. Item Open

New Business: None

Comments and Announcements: Upcoming events include:
Military Rifle Shoot November 6th;
Indoor Combat Pistol Shoot, November 19th.

Motion to adjourn by Joe Vandermak and second by Dave Miller. All ayes.