February Meeting Minutes



15 February 2017


The February meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson

Minutes: The minutes of January meeting were read. Motion to approve as amended by Joe M, second by Homer Shirrell.  All ayes.

Treasurer’s Report: The February Treasurer’s Report was presented with $29,952.81 in the operating account and $13,108.91 in savings.  Membership was 357 paid members.  Motion to approve was by Harold N, second by Dave M.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

New Members: Richard Jensen, Scott Teel, Chris Wagner, Mark Greer, Derek Vanfleet, Robert McLaughlin, Neal Wright.  Motion by Kam, Second Harold N. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports:  Dave Miller informed the Club that the pistols for the raffle include an FN P40, Ruger LCP, and Smith & Wesson 629.  All were purchased for under the $1,500 authorized.  Dave brought the pistols to the meeting. Tim suggested to members that they examine them after the meeting.  Tickets for the raffle are available for $20 each.  Only 100 tickets will be sold.

Jim Bloom reported that the nomination committee completed its work.  Two changes from previous year include Steve Moore as Trap Range Officer, and Jerry Baker as Outdoor Range Officer.  The complete list is attached.

 Old Business:

Bernie reminded the Club that materials have been purchased to repair the roof on the outdoor range.  Work will start when the weather improves. Item Open

Bernie explained to the Club that the decision whether or not to buy a new tractor will be on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting next month.  It would be a large expense and commitment by the Club. Item Open

Another work day will need to be scheduled to complete repairs on the curtains in the pistol range.  Item Open

 New Business: Virgil H told the Club that on the first Wednesday of April the ISRA will have a gun rights rally at the State Capital.  He will be willing to drive anyone who wants to attend.  Call him at 309.333.3119.

 The Youth Shoot currently reserves the pistol range on the second Saturday of each month, Last Saturday no shooters showed up.  Shooters were turned away from the range and the instructor wasted an afternoon, Jim Bloom has asked Bob Hollandsworth and Bob Emmert to set up a portion of the website to allow participants of the Youth Shoot to RSVP.  If no one RSVPs by 1700 on the Friday before the scheduled shoot, the shoot will be canceled.

 Greg Hoener from the Illini West requested to bring the Conflicts and Mysteries class to the range on May 5th.   Motion by Jim B and second by Harold N to allow the class exclusive use of the range on that day.  All ayes.

Comments and Announcements:  Upcoming events include:  March 19th , bowling pin shoot.

Kam announced that he took 3rd place in a Tri- State black powder shoot.

Tim informed the membership that Joe Vandemark is seriously ill in the ICU in Peoria.  Tim invited members to meet with him after the meeting to send a get well message to Joe.

Motion to adjourn by Sharon Sloat and second by Larry Twitchel.  All ayes.