April Meeting Minutes


19 April 2017


The April meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson

 Minutes: The minutes of the February meeting were read. Motion to approve by Bob Emmert, second by Joe M.  All ayes.

 Treasurer’s Report: The April Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Membership was 393 paid members.  Motion to approve was by Kam, second by Clay.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

New Members: Richard Jensen, Scott Teel, Chris Wagner, Mary Beth Seberg, Mark Greer, Derek Vanfleet, Robert McLaughlin, Neal Wright.  Motion by Kam, Second Joe M. All ayes.

 Officers’ Reports:  Kam explained to the Club that he will be unable to host the April 30th Pocket Pistol event.  Bob Emmert said he would take care of it.

 Old Business:

Bernie informed the Club the roof on the outdoor range has been repaired. Item Closed

 Bernie gave the Club an overview of operating techniques and cautions concerning the new Kubota tractor.  The most significant of these warnings dealt with refueling the tractor.  Do not use the fuel in a red gas can. The tractor has a diesel engine and putting gasoline into the fuel tank would cause catastrophic failure of the engine.  Repair costs would likely exceed $5,600. Secondly it is critical that the tractor does not run out of fuel.  If it were to run out of fuel the fuel system would need to be purged of air.  Bernie will store the operating manual and key in the club house.  Item Closed

 Another work day will need to be scheduled to complete repairs on the curtains in the pistol range.  Item Open

 New Business: Steve Moore explained to the Club that we need to purchase 15 pallets of clay targets for the upcoming trap season.  Options include pink birds or orange birds.  The orange birds will cost $8,032.50 plus freight.  Motion by Jim B, second by Clay.  All ayes.

 Kam made a motion to purchase targets for a cap and ball pistol shoot.  The targets would cost $49.00 plus shipping.  Second by Bob Emmert.  All ayes.

 Clay made a motion to build and install a series of removable target stands on the rifle range at distances from 25 – 300 yards.  The expense is not to exceed $125. They will be used for Club shoots.  Clay also wants to hold a Rimfire Shoot in conjunction with the Tight Group Shoot. Second by Joe M.  All ayes.

Clay proposed a second motion to hold the Big Bore Pistol Shoot as a Club event on Memorial Day weekend.  There will be no charge for members and $10 for nonmembers. Second by Kam.  There was discussion as to whether the range would be open to use by members not participating in the shoot.  Clay assured the membership that the shoot would only use the rifle range for its activities and members not participating in the event could use the rifle range. All ayes.  The motion will be put back on the calendar.

 Jim Bloom informed the Club of an ongoing problem.  The Club website states “One membership covers the whole family.”  What is intended, and as stated in the Club By-laws, is that the Club member may bring family members as guests to the Club, but family members cannot be present without the host Club member. By consensus, Jim Bloom will work with Bob Hollandsworth to correct the web page to reflect that family members are welcome as guests but must be escorted by a Club member. Item open.

 Jim Bloom also suggested that the Club By-laws be updated to reflect current operations of the Club.  Tim Tomlinson appointed Jim to update the By-laws along with Keith Hartweg and Bob Emmert. Item open.

 Comments and Announcements:  Upcoming events include: 

Tight Group League on Saturdays.  Shoot five weeks, score the best four.

.22LR Extreme Buffalo Shoot, 23 April 2017

Pocket Pistol Shoot, 30 April 2017

Steel Plate Challenge, 7 May 2017

 Motion to adjourn by Larry Twitchel and second by Patti Bloom.  All ayes.