May 2017 Minutes




17 May 2017

The May meeting convened at 2000 by Clay Hinderliter

Minutes: The minutes of the April meeting were read. Motion to approve by Joe M. second by Bob Emmert.  All ayes.


Treasurer’s Report: The May Treasurer’s Report was presented .  Membership was 402 paid members.  Motion to approve was by Kam, second by Dan G.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

 New Members: William Urish and Ryan Dykstra. Motion by Jim B, Second Steve M. All ayes.

 Officers’ Reports:  Sharon Sloat reminded members of the upcoming Ladies’ Day Shoot June 3rd.  She is requesting members to volunteer to assist with the various activities.  Bernie offered his assistance at the pistol range.  Other members spoke up offering their assistance as well.


 Old Business:

Kam informed the Club that the targets have been purchased for the Cap and Ball shoot.  The shoot will be in the fall. Item Closed.

 Jim B said the Club website has been updated clarifying issues concerning membership.  Item Closed

 Jim also said the committee working on updating the by-laws has begun its work.  Plans are for drafts to be distributed in the fall.  Item Open.

Another work day will need to be scheduled to complete repairs on the curtains in the pistol range.  Item Open

 Steve Moore explained to the Club that he has run into a snag ordering the 15 pallets of clay targets for the upcoming trap season.  The quote for the birds did not include the sales tax.  William Urish will work with Steve on the issue.  Urish may have a better source.  Item Open.

 Clay made a motion to build and install a series of removable target stands on the rifle range at distances from 25 – 300 yards.  The expense is not to exceed $125. They will be used for Club shoots.  Item Open.

 New Business:  None

Comments and Announcements:  The Club expressed its appreciation to Clay and Nancy for running the rifle league.

Clay provided an update on Joe Vandermark’s condition.

 Upcoming events include: 

May 21st:  Center Fire Buffalo Shoot and Benefit Trap Shoot

May 27th -28th:  Big Bore Handgun Weekend

.June 3rd:  Ladies’ Day Shoot

June 11th 3 Gun Shoot

June 18th Handgun and Rifle Shoot

Motion to adjourn by Choonsan Kim and second by Larry Twitchel.  All ayes.