August 2017 Minutes



16 August 2017


The August meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes: The minutes of the June and July meetings were presented. June minutes were approved on a motion by Joe Matthews and second by Clay.  All ayes.  July minutes were approved on a motion by Bob Emmert and second by Choonsan Kim.  All ayes.

Treasurer’s Report: The July Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Membership was 416 paid members.  Motion to approve was by Keith, second by Jim Bowdish.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

New Members: Kyle Walter and Drew Shemanske.  Motion by Jim Bloom, Second by Kam.  All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: None presented.

 Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item Open.

Drafts of revised Club by-laws have been posted on the Club website and draft copies are in the pistol range. Voting will take place at the AGM in March.  Item Open.

The Club needs to remove lead from the pistol range when we have a work day.  Item Open.

New Business:  Kam recommended purchasing new types of target holders for the outdoor range.  On a motion by Kam and second by Clay the Club will allocate $200 to purchasing new target holders to test their effectiveness. All ayes. (Open)

The Polaris is inoperative and needs repair.  On a motion by Bob Emmert and second by Clay $2000 has been appropriated for its repair.  Clay will take the Polaris to Quincy for service. (Open)

Clay suggested the Club to host a CMP sanctioned .22 LR event in 2018.  More details to follow.  He is also going to present details for a revolver competition in 2018.  It will include portions of a steel plate challenge and silhouettes shooting.(Open)


Keith expressed concern over having the Club’s financial data available to the public on the website.  If members have specific questions about financial balances they can contact the treasurer. Procedures were put in place to exclude financial balances from being posted in the future. (Closed)

 Comments and Announcements: 

Tim announced that today is Homer Sherrill’s birthday.  He is ninety-years old.

Upcoming Shoots:     

August 20th Center Fire Buffalo Shoot;

August 27th .22LR Buffalo Shoot;

September 3rd Cap and Ball Pistol Shoot;

September 10th Steel Challenge;

September 17th Center Fire Rifle Shoot.


Motion to adjourn by Kam and second by Larry Twitchel.  All ayes.