July 2017 Minutes


20 July 2017

 The July meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes: The minutes of the June meeting were not presented.

Treasurer’s Report: The July Treasurer’s Report was presented' Membership was 410 paid members.  Motion to approve was by Joe M, second by Clay.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

New Members:    Patsy Davis, Chevonne Shaffer.  Motion by Kam, Second by Jerry Baker.

Theodore Deming, II arrived shortly after this motion.  A separate action was taken to approve his membership.  Motion by Clay.  Second by Joe M.                          

Officers’ Reports:  Clay mentioned that there was a communications conflict between the time published on the website and the time sent to members for a recent shoot.  There needs to be better communications between the events coordinator and the webmaster.

Jerry Baker, Outdoor Range Officer, will be putting up some NRA safe gun handling posters at the range.

 Old Business:  The curtains in the pistol range have been reversed.  It appears that new curtains might have to be purchased prior to pistol league.  Item Closed.

Steve Moore Told the Club that 11 pallets of clay birds have been received.  Item Closed.

Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item Open.

Jim B presented the draft put together by the committee on by-law revisions.  Much discussion was held especially on the matter of capping membership at 425 members.  Some members opposed any cap on membership, while others supported it.  Jim will post the entire draft by-laws on the Club website and leave draft copies in the pistol range. Voting will take place at the AGM in March.  Item Open.

The Club needs to remove lead from the pistol range when we have a work day.  Item Open.

The Club is appreciative that Keith has rebuilt the benches near the trap range.  All ayes. Item Closed.

Comments and Announcements: 

Rob Emmert Announced there will be a new event added in October.  It will be a .22LR speed event.

Kam will be recommending the club obtain a new holder for plywood and targets for the outdoor range.

Upcoming Shoots:     

July 25th, BPCR & Muzzle Loader Event;

August 5th Three Gun Shoot;

August 20th Center Fire Buffalo Shoot;

August 27th .22LR Buffalo Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Kam and second by Larry Twitchel.  All ayes.