January 2018 Minutes


17 January 2018

The January meeting convened at 2000 by Tim Tomlinson.

 Minutes: The minutes of the November meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Bob Emmert and second by Larry Twitchell.  All ayes. 

Treasurer’s Report: The January and December Treasurer’s Reports was presented.  There are 249 members out of a total of 439.  Motion by Steve Moore, and seconded by Harold N.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Reports are attached for details.

 New Members:   Dylan Akers, Seth Felger, and Richard Jones.  Motion to approve by Keith, second by Joe M.  All ayes.

Officers’ Reports:  Jim B mentioned that he is working with Patti Bloom Bob Emmert, Clay and Nancy Hinderliter to represent the Club at the McDonough County YMCA’s outdoor show in March. He also updated the Club on the attempt to get 501(C) 3 status. Keith, Tim, and Jim will meet with an attorney to explore the possibility in February. Pistol League starts tomorrow. He reminded the membership to ensure they indicate on their scorecard if they are shooting as a senior or “golden” category.

 Clay notified the Club that our membership in CMP has expired and he will work with Jim Ritchey to ensure the Club renews the membership.

  Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item open.

Bob Hollingsworth suggested that the Club set up the Club’s website establish a Stripe account to enable members to pay their annual dues online. The recommendation met with a mixed reaction.  After some discussion, the recommendation was tabled until the January meeting so that Bob would have time to discuss the matter with Jim Ritchey.  Bob wasn’t present at the January meeting.  Item carried forward to February. Item open.

Drafts of revised Club by-laws have been posted on the Club website and draft copies are in the pistol range. Summary of Changes was sent to members by the Treasurer with their new membership cards. Voting will take place at the AGM in March.  Please note, that only paid members may vote.  Item open.

The Club needs to remove lead from the pistol range when we have a work day and complete work on range curtains.  Clay has found an item that might save the club some money on range curtains.  On a motion by Steve Moore, second by Larry Twitchel, Clay will try using a $35 rubber mat in front of the range curtains and see if that can solve the splatter problem. Item open.

Kam purchased new types of target holders for the outdoor range and will be evaluated soon. Item Open.

 Bob Emmert is researching new metal targets to include the dueling tree for the best price. Item open.

 Keith announced that the new furnace has been installed and operational.  Item Closed.

Clay cleaned the heaters in the pistol range and installed the LED lighting. Item Closed

 Harold Northrup provided an update on the firearms for Pistol League Raffle. He will purchase a Ruger LP2, Sig P320, and Ruger MK IV. Item open.

 Neal Wright, from Trinity Academy in Industry, and Bob Emmert set April 7th for the benefit trap shoot.  Item Closed.

 New Business: Steve Moore made a motion to test a second trap league for .410 and 28 gauge shotguns. Details and dates to be established. Second by Clay. All ayes. He will notify the events coordinator of the exact dates and times.  Item Open.

 By request Keith made a motion for the club to setup a berm or another firing position on the rifle range for people to fire at a seven-yard distance.  With no second the motion died. Item Closed.

 Tim T. appointed a committee to nominate Club officers for next year.  The members are Kam M., Harold N. and Keith H.  Item Closed.

 Bernie offered to host a class for casting lead bullets this year.  Details to follow. Item Open.

 Comments and Announcements:  Pistol league will start January 18th; The Shiver Shoot will be held in January 21st.  

 Motion to Adjourn by Joe M. Second by Choonsan Kim.  All ayes.