October 2018 Minutes


19 October 2018


The October meeting of the Hancock County Gun Club convened at 2000 by President Clay Hinderliter.


Minutes: The minutes of the September meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Tim Tomlinson, second by Joe Matthews.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report: The October Treasurer’s Report was presented. There are 415 paid members.  Motion to accept by Joe Matthews and second by Patti Bloom. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

New Members:   Steve Oller.  Motion to accept by Kam Miller, second by Nancy Hinderliter.  Motion

Officers’ Reports: None

Old Business: Not-for-Profit (NFP) status project is ongoing. The attorney representing the Club in this matter, Jeff DeJoode, forwarded a Conflict of Interest Resolution that the Club needs to approve so he can include it in the application.  The resolution defines how to prevent conflicts of economic interest and how to handle them should conflicts be discovered.  All officers and directors need to read it annually and sign a form indicating they have done so.  In a motion proposed by Jim Bloom and seconded by Kam Miller, the Club passed the Conflict of Interest Resolution.  Further, Jim informed the Club that as they were becoming a formally recognized Not for Profit (NFP) that the Club is prohibited from getting involved in political advocacy.  Each member is free to advocate for any candidate or action he or she deems appropriate.  However, they may not do so in the name of the Club.  Jim thanked the members of the NFP Committee for their diligence in this project and informed the Club that the application will be brought back to the attorney for him to submit this week.  Naturally, a bill will follow for attorney fees and the IRS filing fee. Item Open.

No update from Keith on the grant for the trap ranges.  Item Open.

No update on disposition of the trophy mounts donated to the Club.  Tabled.

Steve Moore informed the Club that the Club’s 16 pallets of clay birds have been received.  Item Closed.

Jim Ritchey has purchased the shop vac.  Item Closed.

No update from Keith on purchase and installation of the new flagpole.  Item Open.

No update from Keith on the Friends of the NRA fundraising attempts.  Item Tabled.

No action yet on building a berm or barrier between the trap ranges and Outdoor Range. Item Open.

New Business: Dave Young recommended buying 450 bowling pins to be used as targets at a price of $225.  On a motion from Kam Miller, second by Harold Northrup, the Club authorized the purchase.  Motion passed.  Item Open

Steve Moore moved that the Club issue a check for $100 to Mark McCartey for providing the fork lift for unloading and stacking the 16 pallets of birds.  Second by Jim Bloom.  Motion passed.  Item Open.

Tim Tomlinson made a motion that the Club establish a policy not to release any personal information on Club membership, except to law enforcement or through court orders to anyone outside the Club.  The policy will sunset at the Annual General Meeting where it will be presented as a change to the by-laws.  A copy of the policy is attached.  Second by Jim Bloom.  Motion passed.  Item Open.

Comments and Announcements: 

The club was pleased to announce that Homer and Dorothy Shirrell were celebrating their 70th anniversary this evening.


Upcoming events include:

18 October, .22LR Sporter League ends;

20 October, Tight Group Shoot ends;

21 October, Dueling Tree Shoot;

28 October, .22LR Rifle and Pistol Race;

4 November, Military Rifle Shoot;

10 November, Youth Shoot;

11 November, Indoor Combat Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Rich Jones and second by Jim Bowdish.   Motion passed.