November 2018 Minutes


21 November 2018 

The November meeting convened at 1959 by President Clay Hinderliter.

Minutes: The minutes of the October meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Tim Tomlinson, and second by Bob Emmert.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The November Treasurer’s Report was presented. There are 417 paid members.  Motion to accept by Keith Hartweg and second by Joe Matthews. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

New Members:   None,

Officers’ Reports: Clay Hinderliter reminded members that it’s the time of year; annual club dues need to be paid.  He replaced the battery in the Polaris at a cost of $120.

Old Business:  Not-for-Profit (NFP) status project is ongoing. The application was submitted by our attorney, Jeff DeJoode.  The Club is appreciative for the thorough work done by Keith and Tim.  Item Open.

Keith Hartweg will submit the NRA grants for the trap range electronic devices and the STSP shells by December 1.  Item Open.

Keith Hartweg will have the flagpole ready by spring.  Item Open

Still awaiting disposition of the trophy mounts that were given to the Club.  Item Tabled.

The bowling pin targets were purchased.  Item Closed.

The check to Mark McCartey was delivered.  Item Closed.

The motion to guard the privacy of Club members will be submitted as an amendment to the By-Laws at the AGM.  Item Closed.

No action on the berm or barrier between the Outdoor Range and Trap Ranges.  Item Open.

On a motion by Keith Hartweg and second by Jim Bloom, the Friends of the NRA fund raising request was brought to the floor.  Motion passed.  Friends of the NRA was attempting to obtain a $2,500 donation from the Club because the Friends fell short of its fund raising goal at its annual banquet.  Questions were raised as to how the Friends group went about this request and how they obtained the mailing addresses of so many Club members.  On a motion by Tim Tomlinson and second by Joe Matthews the Club declined to donate to the Friends of the NRA.  Motion Passed.  Clay will notify the Friends group.  Item Closed.

New Business: Bob Emmert reported that Trinity Academy requested to be allowed hold a benefit trap shoot at the Club on April 6th.  Motion by Keith Hartweg, seconded by Kam Miller.  Motion passed. Item Closed.

Clay recommended taking the Polaris in for service.  Motion to that effect was made by Steve Moore, second by Jim Bloom.  Motion passed.  Item Open.

Comments and Announcements:  Bob Emmert said there would be changes to next year’s schedule of events.  Three gun shoots will be discontinued.  There will be other changes as well.

The Club wishes a happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all.  This is the last meeting of the year.

Upcoming events include:

1 December 2018 Club dues are now payable.

7 January 2019, Shiver Shoot

31 January 2019, Pistol League.  Shoot eight weeks, score the best seven.

Motion to adjourn by Patti Bloom and second by Nancy Hinderliter.  Motion passed.