The February meeting convened at 2001 by Tim Tomlinson.

Joe Vandemark addressed the club and gave a history of his serious and long term medical situation.  He was hospitalized for a long while for a very complicated medical condition, and has been recovering at home.  He has made significant progress, but still has a long way to go.

Minutes: The minutes of the January meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Keith Hartweg and second by Dan Gannon.  All ayes. 

 Treasurer’s Report: The February Treasurer’s Report was presented. There are 341 paid members.  All Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details.  Motion to approve by Joe M. Second by Keith.

New Members:   Blake Moore, James Fuhrman, Steve Donohue, Mike Penfeld, Michelle Palmer, Dallas Caron, Zack Patterson, an Brian Dougherty. Motion to approve by Keith, second by Joe M.  All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: None

 Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item open.

 Clay notified the Club that our membership in CMP has expired; Clay will work with Jim Ritchey to renew it. Item open.

 Bob Hollingsworth suggested that the Club’s website establish a Stripe account to enable members to pay their annual dues online. After some discussion, the recommendation was tabled so that Bob would have time to discuss the matter with Jim Ritchey.  No action taken. Item closed.

 Drafts of revised Club by-laws have been posted on the Club website and draft copies are in the pistol range. Summary of Changes was sent to members by the Treasurer with their new membership cards. Voting will take place at the AGM in March. In order to apply for 501C(3) status attorney Jeff DeJoode suggested additions to the By-Laws in order to comply with IRS requirements. The recommended verbiage has been added to include a statement of purpose, dissolution instructions, and statement of non discrimination.  In addition a Scholastic Trap Shooting Program (STSP) Officer and a Webmaster positions have been added.  The draft has been posted on the Club website copies are available in the Indoor Range. The by-laws will be voted on at the AGM in March.  Only members who have paid their dues are authorized to vote.  Item Open,

 In order to continue working with the attorney on the not-for-profit issue Jim B made a motion for the Club to authorize the estimated $1,500 fee.   Second by Eric S.  All ayes.  Item Closed.

 The Club needs to remove lead from the pistol range when we have a work day and complete work on range curtains.  Clay has found an item that might save the club some money on range curtains.  On a motion by Steve Moore, second by Larry Twitchel, Clay will try using a $35 rubber mat in front of the range curtains and see if that can solve the splatter problem. Item open.

 Kam purchased new types of target holders for the outdoor range and will be evaluated soon. Item Open.

Bob Emmert is researching new metal targets to include the dueling tree for the best price. Item open.

 Harold Northrup provided an update on the firearms for Pistol League Raffle. He will purchase a Ruger LP2, Sig P320, and Ruger MK IV. Item closed.

 Steve Moore made a motion to test a second trap league for .410 and 28 gauge shotguns. Details and dates to be established. Second by Clay. All ayes. He will notify the events coordinator of the exact dates and times.  Item Closed.

 Keith reported the nominating committee completed its work. Nominations will be made at the AGM next month.  Item Closed.

 Bernie will host a class for casting lead bullets this year at his home on February 23rd and on another date in March.  Details to follow. Item Open.

 New Business:

J.R Parn made a motion requesting the use of the Indoor Range for hosting a group of colleagues on the afternoon of April 19th.  He will ensure that there will be lanes available for other Club members to use and will vacate the range in time for Rifle League. Second by Joe M. Concerns were raised on the issue. Ayes carried the vote.

 Comments and Announcements: 

Bernie pointed out that the Club driveway will likely need additional gravel this spring.

Eric notified the Club that some animals are burrowing into Outdoor Range berms.

 Joe V informed the Club that he was paying for lunch meals at the Memorial Weekend Linebaugh Shoot and would greatly appreciate it if anyone else wants to assist in that.

 Virgil High has offered to drive to the Illinois Rifle Association day April 25th at Springfield.

Kam announced that he placed in two events at a national muzzle loader shoot.

Upcoming events:      

            Handgun Shotgun Bowling:   March 18th

          Rimfire Prairie Dog Shoot:     March 25th.

Motion to Adjourn by Joe M. Second by Homer S.  All ayes.