Annual Meeting Called to Order at 1910 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes of Previous Meeting. Minutes of 2016 Annual Meeting were read.  Motion to approve by Homer S, seconded by Joe M.  All ayes.

Treasurer’s Report. The March Treasurer’s Report has $32,234.47 in operating account and $13,108.91in savings with 380 paid members.  Motion to approve by Dave M, second by Joe M.  The Treasurer’s report is attached for details.  All ayes.   The Year End Treasurer’s Report had $20,351.93 in the operating account and $13,070.48 in savings and is attached for details.  Motion to approve by Patti B and seconded by Keith H.  All ayes.

New Members:  Greg Montalvo and James Swanson.  Motion to accept by Jim B, second by Harold N. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports:

Keith H presented an update on the STSP.  There are four new member, three boys and one girl along with 27 returning members.  Keith has applied for a grant from the NRA for 50 cases of shells.  There are three new certified coaches.  Annual raffle tickets at $20 each are available with the drawing May 23rd.  Prizes include a Browning shotgun and a Henry Golden Boy.

Slate of Officers for 2017 presented by Jim Bloom.  The attached list includes both directors and officers with assigned positions.  Motion to approve the officers was made by Keith H, seconded by Eric S.  All ayes. 

Floor nomination by Kam M for Choonsan Kim to add the list of candidates for the Board.  On a vote from the members the nominees from the original list were elected.  They include Dan Gannon, Doug Bartholomew, David Miller, Harold Northup, Kam Miller, and Keith Hartweg.

Old Business:  Bernie M presented options to the Club to determine whether or not to buy a new tractor and what tractor to purchase if the Club decided to buy one.  The tractor would be used for mowing the Club grounds.  After discussion, on a motion from Dave M, second by Joe M, the Club voted to buy a new tractor.  Bernie then provided various options on tractors that could satisfy the requirements.  These included Kubota gear drive AWD 39 HP, 2WD 39 HP, 2WD 47 HP, and AWD 39 HP automatic transmission tractor.  On a motion by Mark V, second by Dave Y the Club selected the gear drive 2WD 47 HP, Model 4701, from AC McCartney for $18,660 on a five year no interest basis.  All ayes.  On a separate motion by Jim B, second by Bob H, the Club will pay for the tractor from the savings account. All ayes.

New Business: Additional new members, Bryan Pollepetor and Paola Mendez, were admitted by motion of Doug B with second by Ryan Settles.  All ayes.


March 19th, Shotgun and Handgun Bowling;

March 30th Pistol League Banquet;

April 2nd Rimfire Prairie Dog Shoot;

April 9th Extreme Buffalo Shoot;

April 15th Spring Tight Group League;

April 16th .22LR Prone 100/200Yd Precision Shoot

Motion to adjourn by Sharon Sloat, second by Choonsan Kim.

All ayes