Apil 2018 Minutes



18 April 2018

 The April meeting convened at 1957 by President, Clay Hinderliter.

Minutes: The minutes of the February meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Jim Ritchey and second by Dave Young.  All ayes. 

 Treasurer’s Report: The April Treasurer’s Report was presented. There are 396 paid members.  Motion to accept as presented by Kam M., second by Dan Gannon, all Ayes. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

New Members:   Blake Newberry. Motion to approve by Dave Young,  second by Joe M.  All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: None

 Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item open.

Application to renew affiliation with the CMP has been submitted.   Item closed.

Revised Club by-laws were presented and approved at the Annual General Members meeting.  Item closed.

 Clay will try using a $35 rubber mat in front of the range curtains and see if that can solve the splatter problem. That failed due to the weight of the mat.  Lead needs to be removed.  Curtains will be replaced and lead removed at that time (19 May per action under New Business). Item open.

The dueling tree was purchased and delivered to Bob Emmertt. Item closed.       

New Business:

A WORK DAY was set for 19 May, at which time lead will be removed from the indoor range, on motion by Kam M., second by Dr. Dave-----. Item Open

Purchase of two rolls of Linatex material to replace the indoor range curtains, price to not exceed $8,000, and delivery location to be determined by Clay.  Motion by Tim T., second by Joe M, all Ayes.  Note, this will be attempted on the 19 May work day.            Item Open     

 Motion by Steve Moore to hire a third trap person to help and act as a substitute at trap league.  Discussion then included amending the proposed pay from $8.50 to $10.00 per hour same as the two regular trap persons.  Kam M. then seconded the amended motion, all ayes.  Item Closed

 Motion by Tim T. to reimburse Frank Hutchins for $150 for his purchase of 25 LED type tubes to replace the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling fixtures in the anteroom of the indoor range.  Discussion included that they were already installed, and lighting much brighter.  Ballasts are not needed, plus electric will be cheaper.  Second by Joe M., all ayes.  Note was passed to Jim R. as a reminder pending Frank providing the bill for the purchase.  Item Open

Comments and Announcements: 

Tight group start was moved to the coming Saturday (21 Apr) due to rain.

22 Apr is an Extreme Buffalo shoot for .22 Rimfire cartridges

Virgil High discussed the upcoming IGOLD next Wed (25 Apr) and again offered to provide a ride.

Motion to Adjourn by Tim T., enthusiastically seconded by Dan Gannon.    All ayes as attendees disbursed out the doors.