16 May 2018

The May meeting convened at 1958 by President, Clay Hinderliter.

 Minutes: The minutes of the April meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Joe Matthews and  Eric Sloat.  Motion passed.

 Treasurer’s Report: The May Treasurer’s Report was presented with  401 paid members.  Motion to accept by Larry Twitchel and second by Robert Emmert.  Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

 New Members:   Butch Earel. Motion to approve by Keith H, second by Sharon Sloat.  Motion passed.

 Officers’ Reports: Keith informed the Club that there are 32 members on the STSP.  Ten are new members.  The benefit trap shoot is set for 22 May.  The STSP brought in $5,000.

  Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. They will be installed soon.  Item open.

 Not-for Profit status project is ongoing. Item open.

Clay found range curtains from ATS Products that may serve the Club for replacement range curtains for the pistol range for a total of $1,500 instead of the previous bid of about $7,500 for Linatex used in the past.  The bid from ATS is attached. On a motion from Tim, second by Kam the club approved the purchase. Item Open.

 A WORK DAY was set for 19 May, at which time lead will be removed from the indoor range, on motion by Kam M., second by Dr. Dave Miller. Item Open.  During discussions on this item Bernie outlined how the project should be conducted to include a list items needed.  On a motion by Bernie, second by Kam the Club      authorized expenses for the work day. Motion passed. Item Open.

 New Business:

Robert Hollingsworth set up a means of notifying participants when events are canceled.  He established a telephone system whereby the host of an event can leave a recorded phone message should a shooting event is canceled.  Bob Emmert will instruct event hosts on how to use the system. The details of to include the phone number are attached. The procedure will be reviewed in November.  Motion by Bob Hollingsworth, second by Jim B.  Motion passed. Item Open.

 On a motion by Ryan Settles, second by Eric S., the Club approved giving Kevin Cook a $50 gift certificate to the Wood Inn for providing equipment to the Club.  Motion passed. Item Open.

 On a motion by Sharon Sloat second by Bob Emmert, the club authorized $200 for expenses for the Ladies Day Shoot.  Sharon also requested volunteers to assist with the shoot. Motion passed. Item Open.

 On a motion by Jim Bloom, second by Joe Matthews the Club authorized $100 donation to the Susan Komen Foundation as a memorial to Donna Ritchey.  Motion passed. Item Open.

 Comments and Announcements: 

Kam noted that the plywood on the rifle range needs replacement.

May 25 – 27 Linebaugh Seminar;

May 27 Revolver Shoot;

June 3 .22LR Buffalo Shoot;

June 10 Dueling Tree Shoot;

June 16 Ladies Day Shoot;

June 24 Handgun and Rifle Shoot.

Motion to Adjourn by Homer S., second by Dan Gannon. Motion passed.