June 2018 Minutes



20 June 2018

The June meeting convened at 2000 by President Clay Hinderliter.

Minutes: The minutes of the May meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Bob Emmert and second by Mark Vogel.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The June Treasurer’s Report was presented with  404 paid members.  Motion to accept by Jim Bloom and second by Tim   Tomlinson contingent on resolving discrepancy with previous month’s balance in savings.  Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

New Members:   No new members nominated.

Officers’ Reports: Clay reported the Club’s CMP application is being processed.

Old Business: Clay has purchased the materials for the new target holders. He is in the process of installing them. Item Open.

Eric Sloat thanked the members for making the Lady’s Day Shoot a success. He suggested holding the event earlier in the year because of the heat. Item Closed.

Not-for-Profit (NFP) status project is ongoing. Committee met with the attorney and presented him with the materials necessary to go forward with the NFP application.  The estimated attorney fees for the project will approach $1,500 with an additional $750 filing fee.  On a motion from Jim Bloom and second by Tim Tomlinson, the Club approved allocating $750 for the filing fee and an additional $500 for contingent attorney fees in addition to the original $1,500 for this project.  Item Open.

The new indoor range curtains have arrived and one has been installed.  Clay asked for help hanging them. Item Open.

Bernie reported that lead removal from indoor range was a success with over 1600 lbs of alloy recovered.  There were at least 14 members from the Club who worked on the project.  Thanks to all who helped. Item Closed.

Robert Hollingsworth set up a means of notifying participants when events are canceled.  He established a telephone system whereby the host of an event can leave a recorded phone message should a shooting event is canceled.  Bob Emmert will instruct event hosts on how to use the system. Item Open                                                                                                    

The $50 gift certificate to Kevin Cook to the Wood Inn has been provided. Item Closed.

The Treasurer made a donation $50 to the Susan Komen Foundation as a memorial to Donna Ritchey. Item Closed.

New Business:

Steve Moore made a motion to have the dumpster emptied every week from May through September. After a second by Tim discussion followed.  Action was tabled to find out what options and costs would be for more frequent emptying of the dumpster or larger dumpsters.  Jim Ritchey will investigate options and costs. Item Open.

The Carthage Police requested exclusive use of the range facilities on 12 July between 1000 through 1200 for qualification shooting.  Motion by Tim Tomlinson; second by Eric Sloat.  Motion passed. Item Open

Comments and Announcements: 

Virgil suggested that the Club offer programs training programs similar to those conducted by the Illinois Rifle. Association, in particular having the NRA Range Officer Training program offered at the Club.  Bob Emmert will contact someone qualified to teach the program.

Suggestion was made to dispose of the Webber grill that that is no longer functional.

 Melvin Moore asked how shooters could get more information on what is involved in upcoming events.  Bob Emmert said he would ensure descriptions of the shoots on the web and Facebook pages.

Thanks were extended to Bernie for mowing and to Keith and Audrey Hartweg for cleaning the Club building.

Upcoming events include:

24 June, Handgun Rifle Combination Shoot;

 1 July, Handgun Shotgun Buffalo Shoot;

 8 July, Benefit Trap Shoot;

14 July, Centerfire Varmint Shoot;

15 July, Three gun Shoot;

22 July, BPCR Muzzle Loader Tight Group Shoot;

29 July, Rotten Egg Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Larry Twitchel and second by Joe Matthews.  Approved