July 2018 Minutes


18 July 2018


The July meeting convened at 2006 by President Clay Hinderliter.

Minutes: The minutes of the June meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Tim Tomlinson, second by Rich Jones.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The July Treasurer’s Report was presented. Previous discrepancy resolved.  There are 404 paid members.  Motion to accept by Joe Matthews and second by Tim Tomlinson. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

New Members:   Cecil Vancil and Desiree Ayers. Motion to accept by Harold Northrup, second by Steve Moore.  Motion passed

Officers’ Reports: Jim Bloom reported he observed an individual operating the trap hand release with his foot.  This puts the hand control at risk of being damaged.  On a motion by Jim, second Melvin Moore, the Club authorized up to $130 to purchase a foot release from Howell Trap.  Steve Moore will order and install it.  Motion passed, Item Open.

Old Business: Clay installed the new target holders. Item Closed.

Not-for-Profit (NFP) status project is ongoing. No developments expected until the fall.  Item Open.

The new indoor range curtains have been installed.  Clay thanked those who helped. Item Closed.

Bob Emmert will instruct event hosts on how to use the new notification system for informing participants if shoots are canceled due to weather or other reasons. Item Open.

On a motion from Bob Emmert, second by Steve Moore, the dumpster will be emptied weekly until the fall for $65 per month. Item Closed.

Carthage Police used the range on 12 July for qualification.  Item Closed.

New Business:

In an attempt to keep members informed on Club activities Sharon Sloat will include a card in the annual mailing asking members if they want to be notified by mail with updates to the Club Calendar.  Club information is available online on the Facebook page and Club website.  In addition, Bob Emmert will place a binder in the indoor range that has scheduled Club activities and a description of the various shoots. Item Open.

Steve Moore discussed various options for upgrading the electronic release mechanisms for the trap machines.  The machines have not been reliable and are not throwing birds when called and sometimes throwing multiple pairs of birds.  Options included new speakers, new transceivers and connecting devices.  Harold suggested working with Keith and applying for a grant to buy an entirely new remote release system for both the upper and lower trap range.  In order to keep the lower trap range working for the remainder of the doubles league, Jim B made a motion to buy a new transceiver for $335 plus tax and shopping, for the lower range and going forward with the grant application for a new electronic release system in the future.  Second by Ryan Settles.  Motion passed. Item Open.

Bob Emmert suggested placing a storage shed near the picnic shelter to store the new grill.  He will inform the Club what the cost would be.  Item Open.


Comments and Announcements: 

Melvin Moore asked why shooters do not police their shells after trap league and it is left for the scorers to do.  He was informed that the scorers are paid and their job includes picking up hulls.

Bernie asked if there were any suggestions for improving the Bowling Pin Shoot that he and Joe hosted.  None was offered.


Upcoming events include:

22 July, BPCR Muzzle Loader Tight Group Shoot;

29 July, Rotten Egg Shoot;

 5 Aug, Steel Challenge;

12 Aug, STSP Competition;

19 Aug, Center Fire Buffalo Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Frank and second by Kam.  Motion passed.