August 2018 Minutes


15 August 2018

The August meeting convened at 2000 by President Clay Hinderliter.

Minutes: The minutes of the July meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Joe Matthews, second by Bob Hollingsworth.  Motion passed.

 Treasurer’s Report: The August Treasurer’s Report was presented. There are 411 paid members.  Motion to accept by Steve Moore and second by Rich Jones. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

 New Members:   John Modin and Cory Wortman.  Motion to accept by Dave Young, second by Patti Bloom.  Motion passed.

 Officers’ Reports: Jim Bloom informed the Club on Eric Sloat’s medical situation.  Eric has cancerous tumors on his thoracic spine that are causing tremendous pain throughout his body.  He has undergone radiation therapy and will begin chemo therapy at University of Iowa.  After chemo he will begin stem cell therapy.  He would appreciate hearing from members of the Club while he is undergoing these procedures.

 Keith Hartweg reported that the STSP has finished its season, taking third in the weekend competition. Financial reports will be forthcoming.

 Tim Tomlinson informed the Club that Joe Vandemark went home today after his long stay Grand Prairie following his surgeries.  Tim also informed the Club that the property tax bills will not be sent until September and that the taxes will be due in full in October.

 Clay contacted the Carthage Water Department to discover why the water bill had been excessive.  After examining the club no leaks were discovered.  The problem was likely caused by a leaking flapper valve in a toilet. Item Closed.

 Clay informed the Club that members have observed a problem during the doubles trap league where it appears that one team is changing its scores before turning them in. The Club expressed serious concern over this.  Clay will investigate to determine if this has been occurring.  If Clay determines this has been happening, the parties involved will be warned to cease such activities or face disqualification. Item Open

 Old Business: Foot release for north trap machine has been installed. Item Closed.

 Not-for-Profit (NFP) status project is ongoing. No developments expected until the fall.  Item Open.

 Bob Emmert will instruct event hosts on how to use the new notification system for informing participants if shoots are canceled due to weather or other reasons. Item  Closed.                                                                                                                       In July a motion action was taken to empty the dumpster for on weekly basis until the fall. Jim Ritchie verifyif and when this is being done.. Item Closed.

Bob Emmert is completing the binder that will have the club activities in the Indoor Range with descriptions of the shoots. Item Closed.

New electronic controls have been purchased and installed on the trap range.  Item Closed. 

Keith will be working to obtain a grant to upgrade both trap ranges with speakers and control devices. Item Open.

Clay has received the parts to repair the Polaris.  The repairs should be completed in time for the Buffalo shoot.  Item Open.

The Club decided to defer obtaining a new storage shed for the picnic area.  Item tabled.

 New Business: Clay will pick up a new trailer jack for the target trailer. Item open.

Comments and Announcements: 

Rich and Kathy Jones will put up containers to collect the hard plastic bottle tops.  They will also post a flyer explaining how these will be recycled and put to use.

Tim informed the Club that the Remington 1100 shotguns purchased for STSP have held up well over the years.  The Club made a wise decision when they purchased those firearms.

Upcoming events include:

19 August, BPCR Fire Buffalo Shoot;

25 August, CMP Shoot;

26 August, .22 Buffalo Shoot;

2 September, Cap and Ball Shoot;

9 September, 3 Gun Shoot.

 Motion to adjourn by Larry Twitchel and second by Nancy H.  Motion passed.