September 2018 Minutes



19 September 2018


The September meeting convened at 1958 by President Clay Hinderliter.

Minutes: The minutes of the August meeting were presented and approved on a motion by Joe Matthews, second by Bernie M.  Motion passed.

 Treasurer’s Report: The August Treasurer’s Report was presented. There are 413 paid members.  Motion to accept by Keith Hartweg and second by Steve Moore. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report is attached for details. 

 New Members:   John Leonard and Justin Hinderliter.  Motion to accept by Joe Matthews, second by Rich Jones.  Motion passed.

 Officers’ Reports: Jim Bloom informed the Club on Eric Sloat’s medical situation.  Eric has begun chemo therapy at University of Iowa.  After chemo he will begin stem cell therapy.  He would appreciate hearing from members of the Club while he is undergoing these procedures.

 Keith Hartweg reported that the STSP distributed the final financial report for the season.  The STSP ended the year with a net positive balance.  The report is attached for details.

Old Business: Clay informed the Club that he advised the member that who had been changing the scores in doubles trap league that should such a situation recur, the team would face disqualification. Item Closed.

 Not-for-Profit (NFP) status project is ongoing. No developments expected until the fall.  Item Open.

 Keith is preparing a grant request to upgrade both trap ranges with speakers and control devices. The closing date for submissions is December 1.  Item Open.

Clay repaired the Polaris. It is now operational.  Item Closed.

The trailer jack has been installed on the target trailer.  Item Closed.

New Business: Clay was notified by the surviving spouse of a former member of the Club that there were a number of trophy mounts that she donated to the Club or to members of the Club. The trophy mounts are in the Club meeting room for viewing.  Action on disposition of these items was tabled.

Steve Moore recommended the Club purchase 16 pallets of clay birds for $10,415.84, including sales tax, and $130 for delivery.  In addition, other agencies will be ordering 7 pallets of birds that will be shipped with the Club’s order.  These agencies will pay their portion of the shipping. Motion Steve Moore, second Keith Hartweg.  Motion passed. Item Open.

Jim Ritchey presented a motion purchase a shop vac for around $100 for use in the club house.  Second by Jim Bloom.  Motion passed. Item Open.

Keith Hartweg presented a motion to replace the flagpole next spring with a 20’ telescoping flagpole complete with fittings for $100.  Second by Steve Moore.  Motion passed. Item Open.

Keith informed the Club the Friends of the NRA Banquet fell well short of their fund raising goal.  The Friends asked if they could have a copy of the membership list to contact Club members for donations.  The Club raised objections to releasing that data.  Discussion ranged from raffles to a Club Donation to Friends of the NRA.  Item tabled until Keith finds out how much money the Friends needs to raise.

Keith presented the proposed budget for the STSP.  There will be no raffle this year, nor will there be a donation from the STSP to the Club.  He will also apply for an NRA Grant for the STSP.  Under the proposed budget he plans to end the year with a posiitive balance..  Motion by Keith Hartweg, second by Jim Bloom.  Motion passed. Item Open.

Jim Bloom raised concerns about the potential for a mishap caused by a ricochet or inadvertent discharge from injuring someone in the parking area or on the trap range.  He suggested a berm be constructed to prevent this.  Discussion followed with various concerns and suggestions.  Clay appointed a committee to determine if and what should be done to construct a barrier between the outdoor range and the trap range and club house.  Committee includes Clay, Virgil High, Rich Jones, Bernie McPherson, and Jim Bloom. Item Open.

Comments and Announcements:  Virgil High informed the Club that he was present at a Hancock County Board meeting at which a motion, sponsored by the Illinois Rifle Association statement was presented making Hancock County a sanctuary county for gun owners.  The statement was acted on by Board with the exception of the portion of statement that said that the County would not enforce State laws that the County found in violation of Second Amendment rights.

Upcoming events include:

21 September, .22LR Sporter League (Five Weeks);

22 September, Tight Group League (Five Weeks);

23 September, .22LR Extreme Buffalo Shoot;

30 September, Muzzle Loader Buffalo Shoot;

7 October, .22LR Silhouette Shoot;

14 October, Center Fire Extreme Buffalo Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Larry Twitchel and second by Nancy H.  Motion passed.