March 2018 Annual General Meeting

Hancock County Gun Club Annual General Meeting

21 March 2018

Annual Meeting Called to Order at 1920 by Tim Tomlinson.

Minutes of Previous Meeting. Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting were read.  Motion to approve by Keith H.; second by Joe M.  All ayes.

Treasurer’s Report. The March Treasurer’s Report has $35,649.23 in operating account and $13,990.86 in savings with 373 paid members.  Motion to approve by Joe M, second by Bob E.  .  All ayes.   The Year End Treasurer’s Report had $28,648.71 in the operating account and $13,989.11 in savings and is attached for details.  Motion to approve by Clay H. and seconded by Dave B.  All ayes. The Treasurer’s reports are attached for details.

New Members:  Idol Mitchell, Thomas Ford, and Kathy Jones.  Motion to accept by Keith H.; second by Dave M. All ayes.

Officers’ Reports: Clay reminded members that Thursday is the final night of pistol league.  Jim Bloom invited new members to come out tomorrow and try pistol league to see if they are interested in participating next year.

Keith H presented an update on the STSP.  This will be the 13th season of the Illini West trap program.  They are getting ready for the new season.  STSP annual raffle tickets are available at $20 each. 

Old Business:  By-Laws.  Jim Bloom presented proposed changes to the Club By-Laws. Changes included specific changes that are compliant with the requirements for 501(C) 3 status for Club Object to include a dissolution provision and a nondiscriminatory clause.  In addition, a requirement for applicants to the club to attend two (2) shooting events prior to applying for membership to the club was added. The board of directors was defined as was the executive committee.  New officer positions of Webmaster and Scholastic Trap Shooting Program (STSP) Officer were added.  Clarification of membership was made to emphasize that family of members are welcome; family members are guests and must be in the company of the member while at the Club. A copy of the updated By-Laws is attached and posted on the Club website.  Motion to approve the by Dave M.; second by Steve M.  Ayes carry the motion.

Bob Emmert made a motion to allow him to buy dueling trees from MGM for the Club.  The cost of the targets exceeded the previously approved amount.  The total for the targets now authorized is now $1,235.08. Second by Jim Bloom.  All ayes.

On a motion by Clay H. and second Steve Moore.; all ayes, the Club reviewed additional new members.  New members approved included Jacob Carr, Don Stewart, and Jason Torrence.  Motion to approve by Kam; second by Homer S.  All ayes.

Slate of Officers for 2018:  The new slate of officers was presented by Keith Hartweg.  The list is attached.  On a motion by Harold N.: second by Clay all ayes.  The slate was approved with no nominations from the floor.  Nominations were closed.  The motion was approved on a voice vote, all ayes.

New Business: Steve Moore proposed a motion to buy 14 additional cases of shotgun shells for use by trap league.  Seconded by Keith H.  Motion approved.  All ayes.

On a motion by Jim Ritchie, second by Kam, the Club approved the purchase of 200 new club patches.  All ayes.

On a motion by Harold Northrup, second Kam, the Club approved the exclusive use of the grounds by the Conflicts and Mysteries class from Illini West on May 4th.  All ayes.

On a motion by Keith, second by Larry Twitchel, the Club approved selling one pallet of clay birds, at our cost of $444, to Menden Unity High School to assist them in starting a STSP team.  All ayes.


March 25th, Rimfire Prairie Dog Shoot;

April 8th Extreme Center Fire Buffalo Shoot;

April 15th .22 Prone Precision Shoot;

April 22nd  .22 LR Extreme Buffalo Shoot.


Motion to adjourn by Sharon Sloat, second by Nancy Hinderliter.  All ayes.