APRIL 2019 Minutes


17 April 2019 

The April meeting convened at 1927 by President Clay Hinderliter.

ATTENDENCE: The Secretary called the role of officers and board of directors.  All present except Sharon S., Doug B., Kyle W., Keith H., Melvin M., Joe M., and Larry T.  Required quorum present

MINUTES:  The minutes of the February meeting were read and approved on motion by Bob Emmert with second by Steve Moore.  Motion passed on voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The April 2019 report presented with 338 paid members. Motion to accept by Jim Bloom, second by Harold Northrup.  Motion passed.  Report is attached for details.

NEW MEMBERS:  Danny Campos, and Patrick Shoemaker applied and were fully qualified.  Motion to accept by Rich Jones, second by Kam Miller.  Motion passed.

OFFICERS REPORTS:  Steve Miller reminded the Club that Trap League will begin on 6 and 7 May.  The league will shoot on two nights because of the number of teams participating.

Clay suggested that the Club increase dues by $5 for each member.  The money will be used to pay for one or two pistols.  If the membership is paid for before the AGM, the member’s name will be entered into a drawing for the pistols.  The drawing will take place at the AGM.  No action taken.

OLD BUSINESS:  No update on the not-for-profit status.  Item Open.

Grant for STSP ammunition approved. Trap release system denied. Item Closed

Flagpole has arrived and is in Keith’s possession. Waiting for better weather to install it. Item Open.

Berm. No action yet. Item Open.

Shiver Shoot is complete. Item Closed.

Discussion held concerning heating the indoor range. The committee will investigate the cost of a coin operated timer whereby users will pay to heat the range will it is in use.  Item Open.

The gravel has been purchased and spread. The Club is grateful to Bernie for use of his tractor to spread the gravel. The Club thanks Frank, Tim and Joe for their work as well.  Item Closed.

NEW BUSINESS:  Steve Moore suggested the Club purchase two new voice activated release systems for the trap machines since the grant was denied.  The cost of the machines is $2,434 each.  On a motion by Harold Northrup, second by Steve Moore, Steve is authorized to purchase the new release systems and subsequently he is to place the old systems for sale on the Internet to recoup whatever he can for them.  Motion passed on a voice vote.  Item Open.


Virgil mentioned that the gun rights rally at the State capitol went well.

The high school will have exclusive use of the range for Conflicts and Mysteries program on April 26th.

.22 Sporter League and Tight Group Shoot are ongoing.

April 27th Range Clean Up.

April 28th .22 Prone Shoot.

May 5th Steel Plate Challenge.

May 12th .22 Rifle/Pistol Race.

Motion to adjourn by Kam Miller, second by Rich Jones.  Motion passed.