May 2019 Minutes


15 May 2019 

The May meeting convened at 1930 by President Clay Hinderliter.

ATTENDENCE: The secretary called the role of officers and board of directors.  All present except Tim T., and Keith H.  Required quorum present

MINUTES:  The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved on motion by Bob Emmert with second by Melvin Moore.  Motion passed on voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The May 2019 report presented with 382 paid members. Motion to accept by Jim Bloom, second by Harold Northrup.  Motion passed.  Report is attached for details.

NEW MEMBERS:  Arturo Martinez and Dakota Hicks applied and were fully qualified.  Motion to accept by Steve Moore, second by Bob Hollandsworth.  Motion passed.

OFFICERS REPORTS:  Clay announced that former HCGC member William Marshall recently passed away. The benefit trap shoot scheduled for 2 June has been cancelled.

OLD BUSINESS:  No update on the not-for-profit status.  Item Open.

Flagpole is in Keith’s possession. Item Open.

Berm. No action yet. Item Open.

Discussion held concerning heating the indoor range. The committee determined that a coin operated timer will not work to heat the range, but a mechanical timer will.  On a motion from Steve Moore, second by Bob Emmert and an amendment from Jim Bloom, the club will install a mechanical timer to operate the range heaters for one year in order to determine the financial impact of the project.  Motion passed. Item Closed.

The new voice activated trap release systems have been received and are being used.  Steve Moore mentioned that there is a high school that needs one of our old release systems for their new trap team.  The Club has instructed Steve to negotiate with the school and sell them one of the old systems.  If they cannot afford to buy it, he is to donate it to them.  The remaining system is to be sold.  Item Open

NEW BUSINESS:  Rich Jones mentioned that the mower blades are worn out and the Club needs a new set. On a motion by Rich, second by Kam, Rich is authorized to purchase a new set of mower blades for the tractor. Motion passed. Item Open

Clay mentioned that many of the shoots are not bringing enough participants to warrant being held.  There are many possible reasons:  wrong shoot, wrong time, wrong day, something else?  People not being informed about the shoot itself.  On a motion by Virgil, second by Bob E., the Club will survey membership, perhaps develop a listserv to use to provide electronic notifications members.  Descriptions, explanations, and perhaps videos of events may be included on the website.  Motion passed. Item Open.

Bernie requested permission to have targets for the Ladies Day shoot pistols at close ranges. Request approved by consensus. Item Closed.

Steve Moore asked if the Polaris would be available for use by STSP coaches.  The Club made arrangements for the coaches to have access to the key to the storage building where the Polaris is kept. Item Closed.

On a motion from Harold Northrup, second by Steve Moore, the Dallas City Police Department will have use of the outdoor range on 5 and 27 June for training and qualification. Motion passed.  Item Closed.

On a motion by Jim Bloom, second by Kam Miller, Melvin Moore is appointed Indoor Range Officer.  Motion passed. Item Closed.


Clay and Virgil discussed in detail reasons for joining the Illinois State Rifle Association.

18 May, Tight group shoot ends;

24 - 26 May, Linebaugh Seminar.  Jason Chancy will have shooting gear on display;

25 May Revolver Shoot;

1 June, Ladies Day Shoot;

June 9, Dueling Tree Shoot;

June 16, Handgun/Rifle Shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Larry Twitchel, second by Rich Jones.  Motion passed.