June 2019 Minutes


                                                19 June 2019

The June meeting convened at 1930 by President Clay Hinderliter

ATTENDANCE:  Role call showed the following absent, Jim B., Sharon S., Bernie Mc, Doug B., and Harold N.  All others were present and constituted a quorum.

MINUTES:  Minutes of the May meeting were read and approved on motion by Keith H., second by Steve M.  Motion passed on voice vote. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:   The June report was presented and is attached for reference.  Motion to accept by Rich J., second by Kyle M. and motion approved by voice vote.

NEW MEMBERS:  Two applications were presented as complete.  The first, for Boniface, showed he was yet to join the NRA.  Motion by Tim T. that he be accepted contingent on joining the NRA and showing proof to the treasurer, seconded by Kam M., passed on voice vote.  The other applicant, Louis Manly, was fully qualified and motion to accept by Keith, second by Steve M. and approved on voice vote. 

OLD BUSINESS:  Not for profit status remains open.

Flagpole has the utilities marked and extraction of old pole and installation of new pending weather.  Work to be done by Bob Jefferson with Keith H. supervising.  Remains open.

Berm remains open.

Indoor range heating is closed.

Voice activated releases.  Steve M. reported that the club destined for sales or gift of one set was unable to afford to purchase the set of old devices, so the club gave them to them.  Steve then began discussion of sale of the second old set, at which time Tim made a motion the second old set be retained as a spare.  Second by Steve M., and passed on voice vote.  Item closed.

Mower blades were purchased (charge reflected in the treasurer’s report) and will be installed by Rich J. Item closed.

Shooting survey will be addressed by Bob E., with details yet to be worked out.  Potential is to use post cards as well as on line survey.  Various discussion.  A 1 Sep 19 deadline was established.  Item remains open.

NEW BUSINESS:  Clay reported that Ray Watters of Cuba Pressure Washing is wanting to pressure wash the club building for free.  Keith had obtained an estimate for same from another vendor for $125.  Clay will arrange for the free pressure washing of the vinyl siding.

Kam brought up that with the evenings rain it was obvious we have a lot of low areas and ruts that are holding water.  He mentioned the desire to bring in dirt to fill the ruts and low spots on the range.  In the absence of Bernie, as the subject expert, no further action was taken.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Clay and Tim advised of a news article citing Richard Pearson (ISRA President) saying that CCL’s were unduly delayed due to low manpower in the office for the state police.  While supposedly applicants for renewed CCL’s may carry with proof of application, Pearson says local police are not always honoring such.  Advice is to NOT CARRY if you have not received your renewed CCL.

Clay advised the Illinois Supreme Court is to hear a case regarding a woman who did not have an FOID.  This case may result in a ruling pertaining to the constitutionality of the FOID.

Kam advised the cap and ball competition will be amended to shoot only 2 targets and a total of 16 shots.

22 June is the .22 LR buffalo shoot.

7 July is the 300 yard prairie dog shoot for center fire rifles.

14 July is a Benefit Trap shoot.

21 July is a muzzle loader/black powder cartridge tight group shoot.

28 July is a rotten egg shoot.

Motion to adjourn by Kam, seconded by Keith, passed on a pitter patter of large feet.