July 2019 Minutes


17 July 2019

The July meeting convened at 1930 by President Clay Hinderliter

ATTENDANCE:  Role call showed the following absent, Sharon S., Keith H., Bob Hollandsworth, Rich J., and Harold N.  All others were present and constituted a quorum.

MINUTES:  Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved on motion by Kyle W., second by Larry T.  Motion passed on voice vote. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:   The July report was presented and is attached for reference.  Paid membership is 386.  Motion to accept by Jim B., second by Steve M. Motion approved by voice vote.

NEW MEMBERS:  No fully completed applications were presented.  One candidate submitted an application, but had two monthly Club shoots completed, but the by-laws only allow for one monthly Club shoot.  The second shoot must be a different shoot.

OLD BUSINESS:  Not for profit status is being processed by the IRS.  Open

Flagpole was installed.  Closed.

Berm remains open.

Shooting survey was addressed by Bob E. Bob reviewed the questions the survey will present to the participants.  The survey will not be restricted to Club members; it will be available online and open to all who choose to complete it. There will be a safeguard to prevent one person from completing it more than once.  The target date is 1 Sep 2019.  On a motion from Jim B., second by Steve M., the Club authorized Bob E. to buy post cards to send directions to Club members with directions on how to access the survey online. Item Open.

Clay will arrange for the free pressure washing of the vinyl siding. Item Open.

NEW BUSINESS:  Steve M suggested that the 18 Aug 19 benefit trap shoot proceeds be donated to the Quincy Honor Flight.  On a motion by Rob E., second by Steve M., the Club will allow individuals to shoot both Buffalo Shoot and the Benefit Trap Shoot for $15.00.  Proceeds from both shoots will go to the Quincy Honor Flight.  Passed on voice vote.  Item Closed.

On a motion from Jim B., second by Kam M., the indoor pistol range was named the Joe Matthews Indoor Range.  Funds were also appropriated for plaques to honor Joe.  Passed by vote.  Item closed.

On a motion by Jim B., second by Tim T., the road entering the Club grounds will be named McPherson Way in recognition of the contributions and effort of Bernie McPherson.  Signage was authorized. Passed by voice vote. Item open.

Tim Tomlinson moved that the Club terminate the agreement with the cleaning person. Second by Kam M.  Passed on voice vote. Item Closed.

Steve M. will investigate bids for extermination services for both the Club House and the Joe Matthews range and report back to the Club. Item open. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jim Bowdish announced that West Hancock Cheerleader Squad is raffling a milspec 1911. There will be 400 tickets sold @ $10 per ticket.  Watch for posters around the Club and Carthage for details.

Thank you to Trinity School and the Big Bore Shoot participant for the donations.

Friends of the NRA banquet is 22 July at The Pink in Dallas City.

21 July is the Muzzle Loader/Black Powder Cartridge Tight Group Shoot.

28 July is the Rotten Egg Shoot. (No host yet designated to run the shoot.)

4 August is the season finale for the STSP.

11 August is the steel plate challenge.

18 August are the Honor Flight Benefit Buffalo and Trap Shoots.

21 August is the Club Steel Plate Challenge.