New to guns? What gun should you get? Where can I learn to shoot?

 Many of our members are asked some of the same questions. One of the most common is for people who are new to firearms to ask, “What gun should I buy? Others will ask about what is best for home defense or personal protection.

`In home or personal defense, the biggest mistake you can do is to buy a gun and never practice with it. Comes the time you need it, you just won’t know how to use it right.

A once-a-month session is put on at the club by one of our members in conjunction with the Macomb Park District for youths from the age of 7 to 17 who want to learn how to shoot. The club does not otherwise provide individuals with classes on how to shoot, but we do have members who are more than willing to pass on some of their experience with you and help you learn how to shoot.

However, we do have one day a year, Ladies Day, specifically for women who want to learn to shoot. It is usually the first Saturday in June. We provide teachers, reading materials, safety equipment, and a lunch, and it is all free. Ladies learn the proper way to hold, aim and shoot a gun, as well as how to be safe around guns, and it is for ages 10 and up.

With membership in our club, you have a place to practice, to learn, to not be afraid of guns. You also have a chance to join in the shooting sports, such as trap and target shooting. Come to the Hancock County Gun Club to learn, have fun and meet new friends. It’s what we are here for.