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June Club Meeting-Pocket Pistol Shoot

There will be a pocket pistol shoot starting at 6:00. All members and prospective members are welcome to participate. The monthly club meeting begins at 8:00pm


Shooting is for time against the clock.

You shoot 5 shots at a paper plate from 15 feet away if you are doing revolver or semi-auto, and it is a typical pocket pistol.

Examples, Snub nose .38's. Old time .32 break-tops, Walther PPK or Colt .25 or .32.

You shoot 5 shots from 25 feet away if you are shooting a revolver or semi-auto that is not typically a pocket pistol or little gun.

Examples, K-Frame 4" Smith's, I-frame Colts, 5" 1911's.

You shoot 2 shots if you have a two-shot derringer (at 15 feet).

Classes are Derringer (all one size) and Pocket Revolver and Big Revolver/Pocket Semi and Big Semi.

Miss the plate with one shot and 1 second is added to your score. Miss the plate with two shots and 2 seconds are added to your score, etc...

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