Pistol league begins in the middle of January, usually after the first meeting of the year. It consists of two different disciplines, Combat and Precision.
The combat shoot consists of two targets of ten shots each two handed. One target at 45 seconds and one at 30 seconds. The gun must be reloaded at some point during each round. It costs two dollars each week and you will need 20 rounds of ammunition minimum. Semiautomatic pistols and revolvers with speed loaders are recommended.

The precision shoot consists of three targets of ten shots each one handed. Ten minutes is allowed for the first target. The second and third targets are shot in two stages, 5 rounds in 20 seconds twice and 5 rounds in 10 seconds twice.  It costs three dollars each week and you will need 30 rounds of ammunition. Precision can be shot with semi-auto pistols and revolvers, both single and double action, that hold at least 5 rounds.

Each discipline is broken up into rimfire/centerfire/45 caliber, scoped/open sights, and mens/ladies. We also allow more experienced shooters (65 and older) their own class where they can shoot with additional aids.

Shooting starts at 4:00pm and we usually wrap up about 7:30. 

2019 Pistol League Scores

2018 Pistol League Scores

2017 Pistol League Results