2018 Illini West Scholastic Trap Shooting Program
Trap Team

trap 2018.jpg

Kneeling L to R:  Coach Gary Best, Asst. Wes Johnson, Jesse Mowen, Sophie Scanlan, Drew Cook, Colton Walker, Sam Todd, Luel Palmer, Blake Moore, Chevonne Shaffer. 

2nd. Row: Coaches Keith Hartweg and Steve Moore, William Sutton, Buckley Danielson, Brady Webster, Bryce Hall, Adam Hurlburt, Lance Belshaw, Avery & Amanda Spangler, Baylee Gavillet, Ashton Hunter, Trace Huston, Brady Johnson. 

3rd. Row: Brandyn Six, Brock Richardson, Jadon Schreacke, Shandler Powelson, Gage McConnel, Jackson Whitaker, Levi Hocker, Wyatt Johnson, Coaches Tim Tomlinson, Leonard Chase, & Lindy Roberts.  Not pictured: Trinity Burton, Drew McDowell, Lindsey Sirtak, & Mason Squier.


The goal of the STSP is to provide the opportunity for girls and boys (graduating eighth graders through graduation senior) to gain skills they can utilize and enjoy for a lifetime. The student does not need to own or to have ever even shot a shotgun in order to participate. The sport is available to all students, but especially to those who can not, or do not want to participate in present recognized sports programs. The program will teach safe and responsible gun handling and the responsibility that comes with it. 


Students must learn and practice safe and responsible gun handling. Failure to do so will disqualify them from the program.

Even though grades may not qualify them at first, students will be expected to raise their grades to school qualification standards in order to participate in competitions.

Girls and boys compete as equals.

This sport will accommodate some physically challenged individuals.

Students will not be required to buy or own a shotgun. 


A one time fee of $25.00 will be charged at signup. 
Practices and school competitions will be free to students.


Costs for the program are covered by grants from the National Rifle Association, funding from the Hancock County Gun Club, various fund raisers and private donations.