Fall 2018 Scores

Tight Group League

It runs for five weeks. Shooters can make up the previous week.

You will shoot 10 shots at a target of your choosing at a distance based upon the class you choose. All shots are from the bench using using a support of your choosing. You must shoulder the gun and pull the trigger without any assistance. Your group size is measured from outside to outside of the furthest two shots. For scoring, the bullet diameter is then subtracted from the measurement. This shoot is about shooting the tightest group of shots not the accuracy of shots. You will shoot five weeks and total scoring is the four tightest groups added together. If you miss a week, you can make it up or shoot ahead. You are allowed fouling shots into the berm before shooting your group shots.

Classes are Iron/Peep Sight, Low Power (Less than 9x) Scope, Medium Power (10x to 18x ) Scope and High Power (Greater than 19x) Scope in the following; 100 Yard .22LR, 100 Yard .17HMR/.22WMR, 100 Yard Centerfire and 300 Yard Centerfire. You may enter the same gun in both the 100 Yard and 300 Yard classes and scored separately.

Cost is $1.00 per target per class.